Product Management

The only constant in life is change.

Requirements change. In an Agile environment, requirements change a lot! This may be due to changes in the business, change due to new market opportunities, or simply change that occurs as you discover requirements during the development process.

If that’s the case, though, how do we manage our projects? How do we lock in the contract at the start of the project? What are our stakeholders going to think if we don’t tell them what we are going to give them?

The reality is that business is changing fast and requirements cannot be fully known or fully understood up front. Agile Product Management recognizes that reality and organizes around the fact that change will happen. Westboro Systems works with you to answer questions such as:

  • How do you do minimal work up front rather than comprehensive market research, planning, and discovery?
  • How can you organize the disciplines of project management and product management to maximize value of the projects?
  • What is the role of product management on an Agile team?
  • How do you handle product discovery as an ongoing process rather than a set of fixed requirements up front?
  • How can you make change management can be a thing of the past?
  • How can you obtain customer feedback early in the project in conjunction with early and frequent releases to improve customer quality?

Whether it be through one of the training offerings or through working directly with your teams our deep experience in working with Agile Requirements can help you achieve your products.

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